Do you ever feel bored with work routines in the office ? of course this is can not be denied. Even more, decreased work motivation can affect your productivity in the office. Rather than complaining about boring work routines or decreased work motivation, it is better to find creative solutions to inject work morale. There is one solution that can be tried,  why not to redecorate your desk for  make it look more visible and fresher.

Play with color in around the table work, can give mood boost until productivity. According to a University of Texas (2016) study, when offices dominated by white color, beige and gray colors it will make female employees feel sad and depressed. While the purple and orange color will make men feel uncomfortable in the office environment.

To re-pump your mood booster in the office, there are several things you can choose to color for around desk:

  • Blue and green

Blue and green are natural colors, that will help us to be more focused. Both of them do have a calming effect that is needed when working under pressure.

  • Red

The red color is an categorized as active color. Placing a red accessory on your desk will increase your heart rate and blood flow. You can also use this color in a work presentation in front of your boss or client to steal attention.

  • Yellow

In psychology, yellow symbolizes optimism, energy and freshness. If you work in the arts and creative industries, yellow can stimulate fresh ideas.

  • Pastel

A touch of pastel color is suitable for workspaces with minimal windows and low roofs. Because the pastel color that looks soft will make the office feel brighter. You can choose peach, light purple, or baby pink as a work desk accessory to help ward off stress.

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