Maybe Your Attitude Is the Cause


Feeling Not Productive Working? Maybe Your Attitude Is the Cause. Even though it’s something trivial, behavior and habits from disturbing coworkers not only damage work comfort, it can make work worse. But could be we are guilty and do it. As an introspection, see the disturbing attitude in the office at below, that can make other people lazy to come to work every morning.

  1. Feel The Most Heavy Work

After all along day struggling with work. You feel you’re the only one who is the most tired. You don’t see the other person’s side, you only believe in your own angle. And you always need a shoulder to cry on, for hear your complaints. You tell averyone about you feel, then everyone feel borid about your complain.

2. Bitching Be Late Hero

When in meeting there will be definitely two types of people. The first is vocal and often gives ideas, even if it’s not good. The second is just silent. But when the idea of meeting is having problems, this people will be a lot of comments and provide extraordinary advice.  Blame of the previouse ideas. Hey dude, where have you been ? it problem has happen. You want be superhero ?

3. Claim other people job as my job

Usually, they will take one or two things that particular job or project, but they will claim very importat person in there. Like the project no needs other people anymore,  only they are handle that. So the  people nick name thief.

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