In this era almost all industries use influencer services to boost sales of their products. Starting from the beauty industry, fast moving consumer goods, such as beverage manufacturers, to the advertising industry that many use the services of influencers for their clients.

Influencer comes from the word influence which means to influence others. In the context of marketing the term influncer is a person who has a lot of followers on social media.  Almost be active to create content for followers, and tends to be popular in his field. Unfortunately, there are still many influencers who do not understand how to properly package their messages on social media. Because, different social media require different strategies and approaches. Therefore, it is very important to keep abreast of the latest trends and best practices in this area.

Beside influncers, digital agencies are one way to help company owners market the products or brands they need by using social media. As a digital agent using social media such as websites, applications, social media, search engines and others. The internet is not the mainstay of digital agencies, because without social media any internet will not be able to run. The main purpose of clients using digital agencies is to help broadcast and market something in digital form, in order to attract more prospective customers to use goods or services.

Not only relatively lower budget, digital agency also provides far greater impacts and benefits compared to an influencer. By using digital agencies, companies are able to market and promote their products to a more targeted market without any area restrictions.

With digital media, communication is two-way. So that communication between companies and consumers becomes far more open than offline media which is only one-way. If the company is able to properly communicate its brand, the company’s brand improvement will accelerate quickly. Therefore, professional workers in the digital field from the digital agency are needed to promote products in the digital world.

So which one do you choose to promote your business? If interested in digital agency it never hurts to visit the Sketsa House to help you.

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