In everyday life, we must be spending time for work in front of the screen. Either a cellphone screen, a laptop, or a computer screen on a work desk. Realize or not, this can give affect for health of vision. Therefore, always keep your ayes by the following healthy habit tips :

  1. Less your time ahead of gadget

If you really have to work all day in front of the screen, then you must minimazing the exposure light from the objects. For example, reducing the frequency of watching television at home, minimalized surfing internet in cell phone, just rest your aye when in home. so you can be more stress free.

2. High five test

To keep your healthy aye, sitting with one arm’s length of the computer screen. This distance is knowning as the ‘high-five test’. if you can’t make it to the screen yet, the distance is still too close. Also make sure the screen is slightly below of the view level.

3. Blink your aye

One things that often make dry eyes is couse to much staring the screen then make you forgot to blinking ayes. So it never hurts to attention for this problem. Use eye drops or artificial tears for helping.

4. Call digital agency to help your work

if you work in the digital circumstances that force to use a computer every day, there’s nothing wrong if  choose digital agency for help your work. Then your job will be organized as well, especially with a perfect strategy. Well, don’t worry anymore couse there is already Sketsa House as a creative digital, that will be help your work problems and keep your eye healthy.

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