Curious about how to make your Instagram account have many followers and likes? And this five tips and tricks so that your Instagram account can become popular.

 1 Adjust With Passion

Share photos that you think are the most interesting and indeed show your passion. Don’t just upload photos because the photo looks beautiful on your Instagram account. Upload a photo that really describes you, if necessary for certain characteristics so that your identity is easy to remember.

2 No Need to much Edit

It’s good that the photos and videos you upload are not over-edited. Photos that are natural and authentic will usually attract a lot of likes.  A photos with to much editing, seems like whitening the face to look fake will only provoke bad comments. Don’t want your account to be a joke with a row of painful comments in the comment column?

3 Maximum Use of Features

Want to show your unique character but you don’t want to upload the video at your home gallery? Use available features, such as Insta Story or Live Video. Let your followers know what you normally life when you are free, or show your inspiring office desk to attract other followers.

4  Make sure your hashtag is right

Use the relevant hashtag according to the content you uploaded. Write your hashtag in the comment column. The right hashtag makes it easy for people to find your account. Avoid using hashtags that are too long, this will make other people reluctant to follow your account.

5  Create a Second Account

There is nothing wrong if you want to use more than one account. For example, you are a career woman who likes hiking, but you do not want the hobby to appear on your account. Create a second account that can display your hobbies, then write the second account name in your bio. Good luck on making yours popular instagram !

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