3 hard skills that must be have to work in creative industry

Working in the creative industry has indeed become a unique and challenging thing. You are required to always develop and process new ideas. Not just a matter of ideas, you also must have the right hard skills so that these ideas can be executed properly.  In the fast-paced creative industry requires you to have a […]


In this era almost all industries use influencer services to boost sales of their products. Starting from the beauty industry, fast moving consumer goods, such as beverage manufacturers, to the advertising industry that many use the services of influencers for their clients. Influencer comes from the word influence which means to influence others. In the […]


In last Friday’s New York Times, David Brooks invokes both marketing and branding as the opener for a column on the Michael Cohen hearings. It is certainly appropriate to invoke these terms in relation to the current president, who is a kind of brand savant as has been written about here, but what troubles me […]


When we are getting worse, we often feel “Baper” and sensitive to the responses around us. Not infrequently also, friends, friends or relatives who intend to encourage actually turn to excessive suspicion. All people who are in a collapsed situation certainly have a fire to be able to get back up. But is that easy? […]