3 hard skills that must be have to work in creative industry

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Working in the creative industry has indeed become a unique and challenging thing. You are required to always develop and process new ideas. Not just a matter of ideas, you also must have the right hard skills so that these ideas can be executed properly.  In the fast-paced creative industry requires you to have a brilliant idea, and a brilliant way of execution. Without one of them, your efforts will only be useless. Talking about ideas means talking about one’s own abilities. The creativity that comes from everyone’s mind will certainly be different.

We have summarized 3 hard skills for various fields of work in the creative industries. Please pay attention!      

  1. People Management 

Yep, as the name implies, this ability focuses on human resource management, or the workers in an organization. At first, this one hard skill might sound similar to human resources. Although both have many similarities, the ability of people management specifically targets more practical coverage than human resources. People management focuses on the ability to interact between each person who is closely related to aspects of the hierarchy in an organization. Important components of this hard skill are communication,  training, and  delegation.

2. Video Production

For this reason, hard video production skills are a very useful asset in the creative industry. Every minute, hundreds of thousands to millions of people around the world are watching videos on the internet. Either through popular platforms like YouTube, or videos that air on social media. Watching videos has become a habit for many people. Video content is one of the most popular types of works and sells wel, especially in the world of creative industries.

3. Social Media Marketing

Social media has become an inseparable part of our daily lives. Someone’s presence on social media is no longer just an effort to socialize, but also has become an important part in matters of work. Hard skills that have begun to be widely heard in recent years are the top capabilities in the search list of many companies. With so many social media users all over the world, new opportunities will certainly emerge as an effort to exploit this trend. Well, the ability used in efforts to utilize social media for industrial needs is social media marketing.

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